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August 26, 2010 bribri42

This reading has been an eye opener for me, because I am not the type of person who enjoys writing.  Throughout the reading the author explains an abundance of ways that you can become a successful writer.  I believe that one of the major points being addressed is that you must write every day in order for your writing to change.  Using a notebook is a profound way for children to enhance their writing abilities.  A notebook provides a place for students to generate text, find ideas, and practice what they know about spelling and grammar (p.5).  As an upcoming teacher I feel that incorporating writing into your everyday classroom is vital to your children’s future education.

Calkins writes: “I write to hold what I find in my hands and to declare it a treasure…” (p.6). This quote is one that I will keep, and use for my future students; because it stresses to students that their writing is important.  Students should cherish what they write even if they believe their work is not considered “good”.  I am a true believer in making my students feel as though they can achieve anything as long as they push themselves, produce effort, and honestly care about their outcome.


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