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August 31, 2010 bribri42

           HOT Blogging:  A framework for Blogging to Promote Higher Order Thinking by Lisa Zawilinski

             Hot blogging is vital for the upcoming teachers in the world.  Blogging is one of the many skills that need to be reinforced in schools today.  People need to use technology to their advantage in the future.  One must not teach in an old fashioned way if they want to be considered in the job market.  I honestly feel it is a prodigious idea for teachers to embrace the idea of 21st century technology.  From this article I would like to use the Literature Response Blogs, because the teacher uses a prompt to invite student responses (p.653).  This technique is substantial for each student’s progression in learning technology.  This response gets children to practice typing, while expressing new ideas in their own ways.  They are not conformed to any set of writing structure, which makes children feel comfortable writing.  This article is a catastrophic start for me to think about my future as a teacher.  Blogging is an educational tool that can be used for instruction, and yet it is a chance for the teacher; and the student to communicate on a different level.


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