Fisher, D., Frey, N. & Lapp, D. (2008) Shared readings: Modeling comprehension, vocabulary, text structures and text features. The Reading Teacher, 61(7), 548-556.

September 23, 2010 bribri42

         While reading this article I was astounded to see that shared reading mentioned throughout the article.  I loved when the librar would make the class come to circle time, and then she would read a big book to us.  It was amazing to me as a child, because she read with such enthusiasm.  I felt as though I was apart of the story, and when she asked questions I was the first to answer; because I stayed interested throughout the reading.   

        I would have liked to have been apart of the mediological design theme where research was conducted on teachers through shared reading.  I know that I would have been nervous as a teacher to actually be observed, but you would learn so much from this process.  The obervational data that was conducted by the teachers was a complete work of art.  So much can be learned from this enriching article.

        Vocabulary is a category that I feel I am weak at as a teacher.  With this article I have found new ways to instill knowledge into my children.  I do not have to read the definitions word for word, which is tedious and boring.  The teachers modeled solving words using one of 3 systems: context clues, word parts, and resources (p.551).  Each of these are skills that I never would have associated into a lesson while teaching vocabulary.  Children must solve to find unknown words.

I enjoyed reading this article, and I will continue to use this in the future.


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