3 Pirate Articles:

September 27, 2010 bribri42

Pirates are a great subject for an inquiry based lesson plan, and these articles prove this statement.  Swashing Adventures on the High Seas, an interesting article that I truly enjoyed.  Data retrieval charts allow children to assess while having an abundance of fun collecting data about pirates.  Children use their 21st century skills to create a WANTED poster.  Group work is highly conducted throughout this lesson, which allow me to express my philosophy of teaching. 

Jake Carpenter is a fun piratical journey that girls and boys will enjoy.  Girls enjoys the adventure just as much as the boys love the action packed illustrations of Chris Riddell.  The Diary allows teh children to express themselves in their own ways.  They are invited to keep their own diary of sorts.  This allows all of the students to get enthusiastic about embarking on a pirate field adventure.

The article Pirates in Historical Fiction and Nonfiction: A Twin-Text Unit of Study, is fun filled; because children are being taught in many ways.  The students are given hands on opportunities to learn, and many other learning types are included.  Children go on adventures througt reading, writing, listening, and inquiry based questions. I would love to see how this concept works in a 4th grade classroom.

Internet Workshop and Blog Publishing: Meeting Student (and Teacher) Learning Needs to Achieve Best Practice im the 21st Century, is an article that is full of ideas.  21st Century skills have become more of a criteria, because there is new types of technology produced each day.  Teachers must do workshops in order to learn to produce these skills, and enhance what their students are learning.  The students appreciate lessons that are equipped with an exciting lesson.


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