Reading Assessment, Multi-text Unit, Frye, E. (2009). Integrating instructional-level social studies trade books for struggling readers in upper elementary grades. Illinois Reading Council Journal, 37(4), 3-13.

September 27, 2010 bribri42

The reading assessment was a great experience, because I went step by step through the same process that Dr. Frye does when she is doing this type of testing.  I felt completely comfortable while doing this activity, because I learned hands on how to test a student. 

The Multitext Unit was also, hands on, because I felt as though I was a teacher who had to sit down, and go through a lesson plan.  Yes, it took time; but I need to do the work my students do in order to fully understand the information.  It is an abundance of information, but the DRC helps to tie everything together.

Integrating Instructional level Social Studies trade books are important to have in your classroom, especially for the upper level students; because you are able to incorporate an abundance of different genres.  Students get to explore different subjects in books just as their classmates.  They do not feel as though they are left out from the classroom.  This allows help for diverse learners, which is important for a teacher who wants to improve on their 21st century skills.


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