September 30, 2010 bribri42

I enjoyed reading all of the information about vocabulary, and I feel that this information is vital for me to know as a teacher.  There are so many helpful worksheets, strategies, and activities.  I was elated to know that I now have an abundance of resources to use for the future.  I now have problems with vocabulary, and I feel as though some of the vocabulary activities; refresh some of the techniques I have not practiced in a while.  One of the activities is called the, Have you Ever; and it is short but extremely helpful.  The questions being discussed make you think about the words actual meaning.  You need to know the meaning of the words to get a full understanding of the worksheet.  I feel as though this is one of the worksheets that I can use in the future.  This worksheet is versatile, so I can change it to fit the children’s literature that I need for my unit.

The Multi-text study requires an abundance of information, and vocabulary activities are wonderful for this type of lesson.  I am excited to read the books I have chosen, so that I can point out words that I feel students might have trouble with.  This may be somewhat hard as a teacher, but I am going to be able to use this lesson plan in the future.  You have to study the novel, and books you are reading; while trying to decipher on what activities you feel should be used for the lesson.  This is something that I need to get comfortable with as a teacher, and I feel like this assignment will truly get me prepared.

Learning vocabulary is essential for students of all ages.  I have learned that if you practice using words you are not familiar with you will learn them a lot faster.  You have to use them in sentences, answer questions about their meaning, and even write down the definition.  This will help students to remember information as well as help them to encompass a plethora of vocabulary in their daily language.  The article states that morphology is the study of structure of words.  Morphology is a word that teacher’s need to fully understand so, that they can teach their students in the best way possible.  Teachers and students should work on their vocabulary daily.


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