Reciprocal Teaching & Discussion Director

October 4, 2010 bribri42

Reciprocal teaching is the dialogue between teacher and student regarding text.  The dialogue is structured by four strategies: summarizing, question generating, clarifying and predicting.

When you are using reciprocal teaching students are learning in groups, and they are taking turns doing the four strategies listed above.  This allows the students to learn how to do each type of skill.  They are learning that you have to comprehend what you are reading in order for you to finish this assignment.

The discussion director’s job is to find thinking questions that correspond to what the students have just read.  This is an important job, because the questions have to make the students think; not a question that can be easily answered by looking in the book.

The discussion director is inquiry based, and all of the questions are for a higher level of thinking.  The questions are supposed to be asked in a certain way so that the child can have some practice with information on the EOG’s.  If the students are making up these types of questions, and answering them they are certainly going to be prepared for the EOG’s.

I would use reciprocal teaching and the discussion director in my classroom, because I feel as though students learn an abundance.  The discussion director teaches the students responsibility by making their questions on their own, and they have to make sure that it is in the correct format that is being asked of them.  The reciprocal teaching also, teaches them responsibility, because they have to do their role.  Students are accountable for their own work, and they are responsible for their classmates learning.  Whether they are being asked questions, or doing their specific role, children are being active; and learning throughout the strategies.


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