About ME :)

Hi Everyone!

     My name is Briana, here is a little bit about me…

I am from Morganton, NC, which means I am a small town girl.  I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers, and I am the eldest of the children.  I grew up in a very small trailer, and I shared a room with 2 of my younger siblings.  My life has not been the most comfortable, but my experiences have only made me stronger.  As a child I always wanted to be a basketball player or a teacher.  My father would always tell me that teachers were impoverished, and they struggled to make a living.  So, as you can imagine, I chose basketball.  I wanted to become the next Lisa Lesley, but I got burnt out on the sport my senior year of high school.  I decided that I was not going to continue playing just, because my family wanted me to.  I had to drift away from basketball, so that I could focus on a career that had always been a second option for me.  I started to look up schools on the internet that specialized in elementary education, and Appalachian seemed to be the best choice.  Appalachian was the only school that I applied to, and I was elated when I received my acceptance letter.  After I got the letter I immediately called my father all though I did not know what his reaction would be.  He was ecstatic to hear that I got accepted, and now he hardly ever mentions basketball as a career.

I am now a senior at Appalachian, and I work in the Instructional Materials Center.  I enjoy my job, and I believe I am an excellent worker.  In this particular section of the library you will find children’s literature.  In the past I thought that the library was a boring, and uninteresting place; but my views have changed immensely.  I have grown to love children’s literature.  A few of my favorite books are, “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”, and “The Chronicles of Narnia Series”.  While working in the library you have time to enjoy a plethora of books, which is great for your intelligence; and for my teaching career. 

This year I have become a new member of Cornerstone church in Boone, NC.  I have learned a great quantity of information about the word of God.  All of the members are sweet and caring, and they each make me feel welcome.  I wish that I could stay another year so that I could enjoy the ministry.

That just about sums my life up at this point.  Feel free to ask me questions if you would like to know more 🙂

Things I like:

Basketball has to be one of my all time favorite sports.  I enjoy listening to the screaming fans, getting a huge adrenaline rush, and getting a into excellent shape.  The game of basketball requires patience, diligence, and teamwork.  An abundance of skills I learned playing basketball have incorporated into my teaching.


Being around my family brings me so much happiness.  I get along really well with all of them, and I take joy in spending time with them.  My younger sisters always ask me for advice about their boyfriends.  I am basically there Dr. Phil when it comes to relationships.


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you.  ~Psalms 32:8

God has always been a huge part of my life, since I can recollect.   I always went to church as a child, and I was always taught that you will be blessed if you trust in the Lord.  I try to live each day as the Lord would have me to. 

Things I dislike:


Big dogs and little dogs are truly frightening to me.  I have been chased by a huge dog and a scanty chihuahua, both of them have scarred me.  The big dog chased me down the street to my uncle’s house, and by the grace of God he did not catch me or bite me.  I ran so fast that I probably looked like the Tasmanian devil cartoon.  There was another incident where I had been chased by a chihuahua this animal is an extremely tiny, but he was very close to biting my leg.  So, for these reasons I am not a fan of many dogs.

Bullying has always been a pet peeve for me.  I hated when girls at my school would form clicks, and talk about each other all of the time.  People do not understand how bad someones feelings can be hurt by words.  “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.”  This is the motto I try to live by each and everyday.  You should not live for people’s acceptance, try to live your own life at all times.


I consider myself to be skinny and extremely tall; which I have not always liked about myself.  Growing up as a child taller kids were the joke of the classroom at times.  I have black hair that flows right past my shoulders, and a bang across my forehead.  I do not like my bangs, but I just recently cut them; so I am going to deal with them until my hair grows.  My race is Black American, and my skin complexion is a light brown.


Driven  is a term that I always strive to be.  I push myself at all times to succeed in everything that I do on a daily basis.  Despite all of the hardships I go through I have not given up yet,  I know I will shine one day soon.

Respectful is important to be at any age.  You must respect others in order to get respect.  I show respect towards other people by being nice to them, helping them when they are in need, and I show respect in many other ways.  I want to be treated with the utmost respect, so I treat people in the same manner.

I am one of those people can talk for hours to just about anyone.  Being talkative is something that I take pride in, because some people are to shy to speak at all.  I value my voice, and I feel as though that may help me in the future.


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