Brightly colored flower,

your golden bliss has caught my eye,

beautiful in many ways,

slowly dying each day,

petals brown at the tip,

wildering aways,

soft touch,

and earthy smell,

Goodbye God’s creation.

So Much Depends Upon

So much depends upon Appalachian,

my career, my goals…my LIFE.

College life is full of ups and downs,

true friends,

real friends,

growth and maturity.

Education becomes the key,

Appalachian I am here to succeed.

I am a pilgrim girl.
I wonder how different this new life is going to be
I hear the whispers of the cold wind
I see a harsh and treacherous winter
I want to help my family live through the winter.
I am a pilgrim girl.
I pretend to that I am rich and live in a beautiful house
I feel the warmth of the Indian cornbread heating in the oven
I touch a piece to make sure it is ready
I worry it will not be ready in time for the midday meal
I cry sometimes for being punished if my chores are not finished on time
I am a pilgrim girl.

I understand that we will have hardships until we have lived on Plymouth for a while
I say “I am ready to learn”
I dream that I am in school, and I know longer do chores all day
I try to practice lessons so I can learn to read and write
I hope this new life will become easier
I am a pilgrim girl.

I am a pilgrim girl (Mrs. Hogestyn’s 3rd grade class: Millers Creek Elementary)

I am a pilgrim girl

I wonder how this new land will look

I hear the swishing of the Mayflower on the Ocean

I see sand, sand, and more sand

I want to find black earth for planting and plenty of fresh water

I am a pilgrim girl

I pretend that winter is terminating

I feel the harsh and splintering cold air of reality

I rub my eyes to awake from the nightmare

I worry everyone will not make it to the summer

I cry sometimes for the deaths of my friends

I am a pilgrim girl

I understand that my new life is filled with new adventures

I say “Thank GOD for my life, health, and strength”

I dream of a bright future with much education

I try to help prepare food for the harvest

I know this winter will be better than the first

I am a pilgrim girl

I am a Pilgrim Girl

I am a pilgrim girl.
I live on plimoth plantation.

I wonder if I should tell my mom about my dream.

I hear thump, thump from mom churning butter.

I see a ship, but it is only a tiny speck at sea.

I want to read my mother the letters from her relatives.

I am a pilgrim girl.


I question whether or not my father is pleased with my midday meal.

I feel the warmth to polish the brass.

I worry that the boat will be visitors who wish us harm.

I understand hard work & dedication.

I am a pilgrim girl.


I say, “I am becoming fond of him”.

I believe my new father likes having a new daughter.

I dream about my real father.

I try to forget about my past.

I hope I earn his love.

I am a pilgrim girl.


I am a Wampanoag Indian Boy

I am Wampanoag.

I live in Namasket until the frost comes.

I wonder if I should have eaten so soon.

I hear signs of animals nearby.

I see at last a rabbit and later on a squirrel.  This is a good catch for me!

I want to be as strong as my father.


I am in hunger.

I question where the smoke is coming from.

I feel scared the coat-men are burning the camp.

I worry because the coat-men might burn the tribe.

I touch the wood to make an arrow.

I cry because I broke my arrow.

I understand I must practice patience.

I am Tapenum.


I say, “We can be together for another year Nootimis.”

I believe Nootimis knows what I am feeling.

I dream Nootimis was with me.

I try to catch a big fish.

I hope that Waban will let me stay with him for a while.

I was once unable to fletch a kouhquodt.

But now I have learned to fletch a kouhquodt.

I am a fisherman.






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